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11 August 2020

Crossing the vineyard #2

Panorama on the Estate

Today, we present our Cabernet-Sauvignon vines to you! In this marvelous landscape, we can see in the distance the equestrian center of Domaine Chibaou, whose typical name (in Gascon "chibaou" means "horse") suggests a close link between the history of the estate and the equine world …

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04 April 2020

New start

S&C Vignerons becomes Domaine Chibaou!

In these times of turmoil, I nevertheless wanted to keep you informed of developments in the field. Indeed, the Sylvain & Christophe adventure ends, from now on it will only be Christophe.

Don't worry, all the wines from the Grenet, Beyran and Fontaine Fleury...

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