Malbec de Chibaou

The single-grape variety, full-bodied and rich in tannins

Family estate located on the clay-limestone slopes of Castelviel, on one of the highest points of the Gironde. This estate has been certified in organic farming since 2011.

The “Chibaou grape varieties” were born from the desire to offer single-varietal wines in order to bring a playful side to the tasting. Malbec de Chibaou is a powerful and boorish wine like this gorilla. It is a grape variety that is said to be “rustic” because of its age. This 100% Malbec wine will bring you all the characteristics of this grape variety, with the hardiness of our terroir.


The purple of the label expresses the maturity of the Malbec grape variety, rich in tannins.

Composition cépages

Clay and limestone

55 hectoliters
per hectare


About twenty years old, it has been cultivated in Organic Farming since 2011, using different techniques and tillage tools, adapted to this demanding terroir.

The desire to control the yield, below those authorized, allows each year to obtain the over-maturity necessary to obtain a wine at the expected quality level.


Vinification in stainless steel vats, fermentation at low temperature, long maceration, aging in concrete vats.

The particularity of the Domaine lies in its ability to harvest as late and as quickly as possible, in order to be able to preserve the benefits of this over-maturity sought after in the vineyard.

Notes de dégustation

Sustained and deep color, expressive nose of ripe fruit with a hint of peppery. Full and complex attack. Nice roundness with always these notes of over-ripe fruit. Good length on the spices. Pleasant and delicious wine today, with a minimum aging potential of 5 years.

Service : 16°C

Decanting : 30 minutes

Food and wine pairing


Assortment of cold cuts, a pie or a pie, and cold or simply roasted meats


Porcini mushrooms


Hard cheeses that are not too mature, such as Saint-Nectaire or Cantal, will harmonize with their tasty tannic texture.

Consumer reference price

Environ 8,5 - 9,5 €. Ce prix peut varier en fonction du point de vente.

Work in the cellar

Bottled on
Harvest processed in the tank

The origins of grapes

Where does the blend wine come from?

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